The Padlocked Church

April 1, 2015

PadlockedChurchThis is the story of the beginning of the fall of America when our IRS and Federal Government seized a church of 8000 members for no reason but hiding behind the lie that they owed Federal Taxes when it was stated and proven that they owed nothing.  The church was seized by Federal Marshals who padlocked the church.  It was eventually bulldozed and turned into a Charter School.  The church and property were a historical landmark in Indianapolis where this travesty of Justice was performed. Dr. Greg Dixon and his wife were given a very short time to get their belongings out of their home where they had lived for many years and raised their family.  Because of this tragedy, much has been written and the readers can also visit three sites that will give more information on the ongoing crisis that is griping our churches across America.  Please visit the following websites:

The Trumpet Online

Biblical Law Center

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

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  • David Williams April 6, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    I have been very close to Dr. Dixon over the last several years and helped him make a video entitled “Santan’s Plan To Destroy The Lord’s Church.” It does not seem possible that in America, the land of the free that was started by patriots who wanted religious freedom and an escape from the tyranny that existed in Europe and England, that we would have such a tragedy occurring. Right here in our own country. Get this book and read about a disturbing trend where the IRS is the new Gestapo of America.

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